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​Yonna Food's "Okinawa Living Experience"

* All three courses will be held in private lessons in consideration of preventing the spread of the new coronavirus infection. Please contact us for details.

Okinawa's kitchen, Makishi Public Market in Naha City, is an important place that is indispensable for living in Okinawa. We handle abundant ingredients such as pork, dried food, and island vegetables that are indispensable for Okinawan cuisine.

"Okinawa Living Experience" is a special experience where you can enjoy cooking with your teacher, choosing ingredients at the market, and cooking in a cozy kitchen. We want you to know the food culture of Okinawa, enjoy communication at the market, taste Okinawan home-cooked food, and get to know Okinawa more deeply. That is the aim of "Okinawa living experience" of Yonna Food.

* Yonna = slowly
* Yuntaku = Talking

<Course details>

Meet at Kokusai-dori Naha City Bunkatenbusukan Front Square

It takes about 5 minutes on foot to move to Makishi Public Market, and the experience while shopping for ingredients on the way is a recommended cooking experience for those who want to enjoy Okinawa deeply. It can be used for various travel scenes such as solo trips, girls' trips, group trips, family trips, and school trips.


<Regarding children's experience participation>

* Please indicate in the message that you would like to experience children (including the grade) when making a reservation. * Depending on the course, up to junior high school students can participate for ¥ 1650 to ¥ 5500.
* Please note that high school students and above will be charged as adults.
* Please pay in the classroom on the day


<Info >

* The apron is available here, so please use it empty-handed.
* The time required is just a guide. Please participate with plenty of time.

* After the experience, it will be disbanded locally.

* Please let us know in advance as the meeting place will be different when you come by car (rental car).


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