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Lecturer profile

Ryukyu cook Kayo Kayo
Main qualifications:
Cooking instructor 1st grade / Food education instructor 1st grade
Long-term care foodist 2nd grade / International Chinese medicine medicinal herb
Born in Naha City, Okinawa Prefecture After working as a stylist for TV and magazines, he became a food coordinator.
From the desire to pass on the treasures of Okinawa left by his predecessors to posterity, he served as an assistant to Ryukyu cuisine researcher Kayoko Matsumoto and learned Ryukyu cuisine from the basics.
In 2007, we opened the "Yonna Food Kayo Kazumi Cooking Class" where you can easily learn cooking while having fun. Furthermore, in order to pursue Ryukyu cuisine, learn nursing care food and Chinese medicine medicine, and develop a unique world created by the experience and sense of a housewife who manages Okinawa events every day.
Many business trip cooking classes are also held outside the prefecture
In 2017, we will propose the "RYUKYU Kama Do! Project", an educational program that uses Ryukyu cuisine as a tool for children, and strive to popularize it.

Media introduction

Home cooking basic lecturer Yuko Miyagi

Main qualifications:

Cooking instructor 1st grade / Food education instructor 2nd grade / Junior high school teacher license (home economics)

Tsuji Cooking Became an assistant at Shinjuku Odakyu School and a cooking instructor.
Currently, while enrolled in "Yonna Food", he expands his activities as a lecturer at a culture school.
Utilizing the experience we have cultivated so far, we propose easy and easy bread recipes.
It is supported by a wide range of age groups.

~ Yonna food main work ~

[Companies involved so far]
House Foods, Asahi Breweries, Sapporo Breweries, Kirin Breweries, Orion Breweries, Lipton, Okinawa Meiji Dairy Yakult, Cupy Mayonnaise, ANA, Asahi Light Metals, Nissen, Masada Soy Sauce, Okinawa Gas, Okinawa Foods, Homel, Okikoham, Sun Foods, Nampo Trading , Maesato Konnyaku, Tulip, Okiko, Hoshizaki, Corp Okinawa, Gurutabi, JTB Okinawa

Okinawa Prefecture Culture Promotion Division, Okinawa Prefecture Culture Promotion Association, Okinawa Prefecture Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Department, Naha City Central Health Center, Okinawa Prefecture Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare Senior Work Program

JA Okinawa Women's Club

[Program appearance]

March-May 2010: Okinawa Holiday "Travel in Okinawa Visiting the Charms of Okinawan Cuisine" JAL In-flight Broadcast

August 13, 2011: Broadcast selfish! Carefree! Travel mood (relaxing and relaxing Okinawa trip) Okinawa TV

Broadcast on April 3, 2011: Uchina's Heartbeat Okinawa Television

Broadcast on July 7, 2012: Okinawa BON Ryukyu Broadcasting / Broadcast on December 29, 2012 Okinawa BON Ryukyu Broadcasting

Broadcast from July 23 to 27, 2012: Lohas Style Ryukyu Broadcasting at will

Broadcast on October 2, 2012: Arinkurin Okinawa BS Nippon Television

July 2017-: Okinawa Meiji Dairy CM appearance (healthy bone family)

2016-: RBC Friday's Yuwaku Cooking Corner Appearance

October 2019 NHK information program Asaichi appearance

September 2019 Okinawa Convention Bureau Welcome Nchu CM appearance (Public relations activities as Welcome Nchu leader)

[Other activities]

* Lecture (Ryukyu cuisine that cannot be heard now / Heavy box cuisine that cannot be heard now / Nursing food introductory course (Ryukyu food and nursing food) Food education course (Importance of breakfast)

* Various cooking classes (study trip cooking class / business trip cooking class / food education cooking class / long-term care food cooking class, corporate product recipe development, etc.

* 2016 Okinawa Food Culture Taste Project Working Committee, Culture Promotion Division, Culture, Tourism and Sports Department, Okinawa Prefecture

* Educational program for children using Ryukyu cuisine as a tool from 2017

Propose and disseminate the "RYUKYU Kama Do! Project".

* 2019 ~ Appointed as Okinawa Convention Bureau Welcome Nchu Leader Worked in public relations activities

 * From 2020 Okinawa Prefecture Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Department Forest Management Division Prefectural Mushroom Attractiveness Dissemination Project Review Committee


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